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2019 SHHA Annual Meeting of Members

December 5th, 2019 - Kings Park Library - 7:30 PM

If you cannot attend the meeting, and have not returned your proxy statement, please do so.

Completed proxy statements may be e-mailed to: info@shha-burke.org

SHHA 2019 Proxy Statement

Election of the Board of Directors

        At the 2019 annual meeting of members, there will be an election for two
        positions on the SHHA Board of Directors.
        Those two positions are currently held by Linda Wirth (Secretary), and
        Kent Ford (Treasurer).  
        Both candidates have expressed interest in being re-elected to new three-year terms.
        Additionally, two other candidates have expressed interest in running for these
        positions:  Mike Davis and Tom Lombardi.
        Note that the election is for a position on the Board, not for a specific office. 
        Offices are assigned by the Board at the next meeting following annual elections.
        Submitted biographies for the candidates follow:
        Linda Wirth   -   The Oaks  -  Current Secretary: 

        I and my husband are original owners who purchased the last house built in SHHA.  
        I am a retired librarian with volunteer activities with four other organizations:
        Archives at the National Cathedral, Board of the Friends of King Park Library, 
        volunteer staff at Kings Park Library, and Board of Potomac Technical Processing 
        I have been a Board Member of SHHA the longest of my volunteer activities, and
        feel that the SHHA Board does important work in keeping our neighborhoods in 
        good repair, good looks, and keeping our property values high.
        Kent Ford     -   Woodedge  -  Current Treasurer: 

        I grew up in Colorado, and then got a commission in the Navy after graduating from 
        the Citadel in Charleston, SC. I served in submarines, and commanded the USS Springfield.
        I and my wife, Karen (Reecie), have lived at 9122 Lake Braddock Dr. since 1996, except 
        for a short tour in Belgium with the Navy from 2000 to 2002. Our three sons have grown 
        up in the neighborhood, all graduated from Lake Braddock Secondary School. One is now 
        married and living in Burke, the other two are still in college.
        I, as part of the SHHA Board of Directors, work with the homeowners in the review of 
        maintenance and improvements to our homes to ensure the overall continued high quality 
        of the neighborhood and value of our homes.   
        Mike Davis    -   The Oaks:        
        I am a resident of Signal Hill (The Oaks) neighborhood. I have resided at 
        9015 Fort Craig Drive for 24-years. I and my wonderful wife, Rita, are native 
        Washingtonians with deep roots in the Capital City, and surrounding counties.

        I and Rita have been married 51-years and are proud parents of two grown and married
        sons; and four wonderful grandchildren.
        I am a retired federal executive and professional urban and regional planner. 
        I have over 50-yrs experience working in federal, state, county and local governments. 
        I have an MA and BS degrees in Urban and Regional Planning.
        I am fully aware of the issues confronting the SHHA neighborhood, and am committed 
        to furthering the safety, livability, value, and attractiveness of the SHHA community. 
        I am strongly oriented to creative problem solving and conflict resolution through the 
        application of creative thinking, negotiation and compromise.

        Tom Lombardi  -   Woodedge: 
        My wife, Meredith, and I have lived in the Woodedge section of the community 
        (off of Parliament Dr.) with our three young children—Ryan, Emma, and Tyler—since 2015. 
        We knew immediately upon seeing the community and the house we would soon buy that this 
        is where we wanted to raise our growing family.  I am an attorney with the U.S. Government 
        Accountability Office, an agency that evaluates government programs and activities through 
        the lens of good government practices and fiscal responsibility. I also spent some time as 
        a federal prosecutor in the District of Columbia. I enjoy outdoor activities –in particular, 
        running (if you’ve seen a pair pushing a couple of jogging strollers that may have been us)
        — and Meredith and I are always commenting on how great it is to see so many kids out 
        playing and people out walking the streets.

        To anyone who attended the last annual meeting at which candidates addressed the community, 
        I spoke of the clear and apparent divide between the Board and the community it represents. 
        This divide has fostered animosity created an unhealthy dynamic within a relatively small 
        association. I have attended all but one monthly meeting over the past year, and I believe 
        the Board has made a conscious effort to be more transparent and less confrontational.  
        These are commendable strides and we should be thankful for the time each Board member has 
        dedicated to keeping Signal Hill a desirable place to live. This election, however, is an 
        opportunity to introduce new voices and perspectives, and to ensure the Board continues to 
        reflect the ever-changing community it represents.

Proposed SHHA Annual Assessment Increase

        The Board of Directors will be proposing an increase in the SHHA Annual Assessments for 2020.
        The final amount of the proposed increase is still under review, but we expect an increase of ~$35 per year.
        The increase is deemed necessary due to increasing costs to maintain / remove trees on the Common areas,
        and also to continue to grow our Contingency funds to be 1.5 - 2.0 times our annual revenue, an industry
        recommended best practice.
        This will still keep SHHA Annual Assessments at ~$175 per year.  This is very low compared to other 
        neighborhoods in the surrounding area.
        The proposed increase will require a supporting vote from 66% of the members present in person or by proxy
        at the SHHA Annual Meeting of Members.

Greenway Portals Report

        The SHHA Board of Directors comissioned a group of homeowners to perform
        a study of, and make recommendations regarding, the SHHA easments that serve
        as accessways to the wooded SHHA Common Areas throughout the community.
        The results of their study can be found here:
Greenway Portals Final Report
        A map showing the Common Areas and accessways can be found here:
Greenway Portals Map

If you cannot attend the meeting, and have not returned your proxy statement, please do so.

SHHA 2019 Annual Meeting of Members Announcement

SHHA 2019 Proxy Statement

SHHA Owner Database Update Form