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New Owners

New owners must complete and return the New Owner Database Update Form within 10 days of settlement.

The form can be found on this website here: New Owner Update

Requesting Resale Documents

Resale Document packages should be requested from the SHHA Board of Directors.

Requests for resale documents, or completion of HUD / PUD forms should be submitted to the Board of Directors by e-mail to:


or mailed to:

Signal Hill Homes Association
PO Box 2457
Springfield, VA 22152

* * * FEES * * *

The fee for preparation and distribution of resale packets is currently:
$225.00 for electronic report (e-mail)


$250.00 for hard-copy report (mailed)

PLUS $50.00 expedite fee if the docs are needed fewer than 14 days from the request.

PLUS $50 Transfer Fee.
Checks for Resale Documents and Transfer Fees should be mailed to the address above.