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The next meeting of the Board of Directors:

Thursday, 9/11/2014 - 7:30pm

The meeting will be held in the Braddock District Conference Room, at Kings Park Library.

All homeowners are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Welcome to the website for the Signal Hill Homes Association.

Founded in 1979, Signal Hill is a community of 493 homes, located in Burke, Virginia
near the intersection of Rolling Road and Burke Lake Road.

Petition to Change Restrictive Covenants for SHHA Fence Rules:

Unfortunately, after many months of effort including door-to-door visits throughout the community,

the SHHA Board of Directors was unable to garner sufficient community support to change the Restrictive Covenants for fences.

At the 2013 Annual Meeting, and the January 2014 BOD meeting, a group of homeowners asked the Board to defer implementation of Proposed Policy Resolution #4, which outlines the process that will be used to eventually bring all fences in Signal Hill back into compliance with the Restrictive Covenants.

These homeowners asked for, and were granted a period of time running through the September 11th 2014 BOD meeting to make another attempt to garner support from the community to change the existing rules.

The proposed rules change will require written consent of 75% of ALL 493 SHHA homeowners.

While we, the Board, wish these homeowners success in their effort, we will implement proposed Policy Resolution Number 4 at the September BOD meeting if they are not successful.

The proposed resolution can be found here for your review: Proposed Policy Resolution #4 - Procedures for Resolution of Non-Compliant Fences

Note that until the September BOD meeting, we have suspended enforcement proceedings on existing noncompliant fences. We will not, however, approve or allow any non-compliant fences to be built until / unless the rules change is successful.

Our legal team has advised us that we MUST identify any non-compliant fences as existing violations during resale inspections, in order to preserve our ability to enforce the Restrictive Covenants, and ultimatly bring all homes in the comminity into compliance.

We welcome suggestions for content that YOU the homeowners would like to see on the website.
You may e-mail your comments to info@shha-burke.org